Rules for fair fighting

Things can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Often we are faced with challenges for which we feel unprepared or inadequate.  Often too, these challenges are associated with the relationships in our lives.  Relationships can be stressful at times and navigating the waters of change can sometimes cause resentment and conflict if we are not both changing at the same pace.  Change is a given in life and in relationships.  In fact, in order for any relationship to be healthy, change is necessary.  These relationships can be between a parent and child, with friends, and with a significant other.

So, how can you make these inevitable adjustments easier?  Can you learn to communicate in healthy ways again?  Is there a way you can disagree without hurting each other?

If you are reading this, you have likely come to this site because you are looking for answers to these and other questions.  This is normal and understandable.  Recognizing that your relationship is hurting is the first step to getting it back to a healthy state.

Here is a link that I found very helpful in learning a more productive way to interact with others:


Center for Counseling & Wellness
Located in the Grand Hill Professional Building
333 Grand Ave.  Suite 205
St. Paul, Minnesota 55102
651 294 2307

About Jennie Yngsdahl

Licensed Psychologist , Clinical Supervisor Co-owner of Center for Counseling and Wellness
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