About Jennie

Jennie C. Yngsdahl, MA, Licensed Psychologist & Clinical Supervisor

I offer my clients a compassionate, creative, and collaborative approach in their healing work. I use psychodynamic, existential, cognitive behavioral, and integrative therapies encouraging my clients to find meaning in their life’s journey and struggles as well as find new ways to care for the self.

Although I am a generalist when it comes to working with a variety of diverse clients and issues, I also believe strongly in the mind/body connection and help my clients find ways to reconnect and find balance in their lives. This is especially helpful when dealing with grief, relationship issues, life transitions, or trauma.  To help my clients in their healing work, I strive to provide a safe and calming space with a focus on the therapeutic relationship.


  • Childhood Sexual Abuse / Incest                
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Rape / Sexual Assault                                 
  • Uncoupling / Divorce
  • Grief and Loss
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Childhood Abuse / Neglect                              
  • Domestic Violence                                        
  • Personal Growth and Self Esteem
  • Women’s Issues                                            
  • Reproductive Health / Infertility
  • Life Transitions
  • LGBTQ Issues
  • Gender Identity                                            
  • Chronic Pain/Health Issues
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Clinical Supervision


I do have a focus on treating people who have experienced trauma in their lives, either as a child, adolescent or adult. This includes emotional, physical, or sexual abuse as well as other traumatic experiences. In working with couples, I assist in identifying core patterns which are unhealthy or destructive. I teach healthier ways of relating, including learning how to communicate effectively. I also have additional experience with dialectical behavioral therapy structure and techniques as well as mindfulness based stress reduction.


As a psychologist with over 20 years of experience, my main modality of treatment is through talk therapy. However, with clients who have an interest, I often use other expressive modalities. Some of those include the use of art, writing, mind/body awareness, mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, or music.


Payment options include use of your health insurance (in or out of network), direct payment per session, flexible spending plans, or availability of a limited number of sliding fee slots for those experiencing financial hardship. Please contact me to discuss the best options for you. I do accept most health insurance plans. Unfortunately I am not able to accept any Medicare plans.


Jennie is not taking any new clients at this time due to a full caseload. 
Jennie Yngsdahl, MA, Licensed Psychologist
Center for Counseling & Wellness
333 Grand Ave.  Suite 205
St. Paul, Minnesota 55102
651 294 2307
“I have worked with Jennie Yngsdahl in several capacities. In one of the areas, the Healing Nature of Art Group, which she formed, I observed a belief of hers in action – “everyone has within themselves a creative side to call on for help in healing themselves.” I watched Ms. Yngsdahl encourage our clients to use their inner wisdom and imagination for wholeness. In another group Jennie created – Mind, Body, Spirit Group – she worked with group members to psychoeducate and offer alternatives for healing, like nutrition, body movement including yoga, meditation, music, art, writing, drumming, dreams and conversation.”
“In consulting with Jennie, I found it immediately apparent that she is able to suggest her ideas with a quiet confidence while remaining respectful and open to the other’s capacity to decide. Her gifts as a therapist span a wide spectrum, from sitting with the client in compassion and non-judgment to challenging the client, encouraging him/her toward self-compassion, self-acceptance and learning to pay attention to their own new possibilities. Jennie has comprehensive experience in working with those who have experienced trauma. In painful times of crisis, stuckness, sadness, ambiguity, anger, or anxiety, she is able to be right there with the client – in a collaborative partnership. I heartily recommend Ms. Yngsdahl as an intelligent, courageous, and caring counselor.” November 21, 2011

“I was fortunate to work with Jennie Yngsdahl at the Neighborhood Involvement Program (NIP) in three different roles: We co-supervised therapy practicum students in weekly group supervision meetings; we co-facilitated a weekly, long-term psychotherapy support group for women who were survivors of sexual abuse; and we participated in supervisory team meetings as peers. Whether interacting with NIP staff, practicum supervisees, or clients, Ms. Yngsdahl demonstrated excellent abilities as a psychologist. I found her to be observant, contemplative, gently optimistic, calm, and authentic. While open-minded and respectful, she was also adept at suggesting why others might consider her own perspective when she thought it might be helpful. For many years, she has assisted clients as they have processed their most challenging and traumatic experiences—using a variety of therapeutic modalities—yet she has also inspired them to heal and to laugh. I strongly recommend Ms. Yngsdahl to those seeking a psychotherapist or clinical supervisor with advanced skills.” November 17, 2011

“I worked with Jennie very closely when we ran two groups together. Jennie is a highly skilled therapist who creates a strong alliance with her clients and uses that bond to create therapeutic change. She is organized and creative and has a strong value in integrative healing.” November 12, 2011

“Jennie Yngsdahl was my clinical group supervisor and co-leader of the Mind, Body and Spirit Workshop Series while at the Neighborhood Involvement Program. In the time I worked with Ms. Yngsdahl, I found her to be compassionate, insightful, integrative therapist and supervisor. I found her holistic approaches to healing–such as her use of meditation, mindfulness and art in therapy to be helpful in my learning as a therapist. I recommend Jennie Yngsdahl as a thoughtful, intelligent, open-minded therapist, supervisor, and group facilitator.” November 11, 2011

verified by Psychology Today

verified by Psychology Today Directory

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